High-grade natural igusa tatami and all materials are produced domestically in Japan.

Tatami not sold from Japan and that is mass produced mainly comes from China.
Our tatami is not mass produced, but each piece is made individually.
The tatamiomote of IGUSA-AKEBONO is called AKEBONO OMOTE and is grown by local farmers in Yatsushiro,Kumamoto in the Kyushu region.This material is the highest ranking in quality.

AKEBONO OMOTE uses high quality material; the best parts of the long rushes are used and woven with hemp thread.
It is common to use cotton thread, but hemp woven tatamiomote are more durable and thicker.
There is a unique and pleasant plant aroma as igusa is used in the tatami mats.

Here we introduce the aromatic components of igusa.

A fragrance originally found in nature, it is an aromatic component that has a bactericidal effect.
A natural ingredient used in Chinese medicine and aroma oil, it has a relaxing effect.
A main ingredient of vanilla essence, it is an aromatic component that promotes relaxation.

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